Proper Storage Conditions

Wine is alive and in a bad atmosphere it can turn quickly… To limit bad effect on your wine you have to choose a good storage arrangement. Three simple rules can be applied to know if you have a good wine cellar:

  • Your storage temperature should be between 12 – 18°C
  • Humidity is good, no dehumidification at all
  • It will be better if your storage can be in a dark place

Thanks to advances in technology and low cost it is possible to have a proper « cellar » in your home. This kind of fridge is adapted for the wine, with electronic temperature and humidity control. You can find some with capacity from 12 bottles to 500 bottles.

(Please contact us if you are interested to buy a refrigerated wine cellar, we can have the best one for the best value according to your expectation).

Advice from The Wine Maker and Sommelier’s

Most winemakers have a website. You can go on it and find the wine you have. Generally they give tasting profile and the best moment to drink it according to the vintage.

You can also ask your wineshop manager to know more about the date you should drink it, even if it is wine you didn’t buy in his shop, you can be sure he will be glad to help you and talk wine with you!

Choose Wines Wisely

Wines is better when it is old : WRONG! Or we can say yes and no… Lots of wines are amazing when they are young! And a lot of wines are disappointing when they are older.

Indeed, it depends on the winemaker and/or the cuvée from him. You have to know when you choose a bottle if the winemaker wanted to create a cuvée for short or long term.

Let’s take an example: Domaine Combier is a winemaker in northern Rhone Valley. Really famous for his Crozes Hermitage yet he created 4 different cuvées. So you can find from the same winemaker, the same appellation, the same vintage : 4 different wines !

Crozes Hermitage cuvée L: This cuvée is a cuvée ready to drink when it is young, light to medium body, fruity, high acidity

Crozes Hermitage cuvée Domaine: This wine is the most famous cuvée from this estate. This cuvée is a bit complex than the first one and can be drunk young and can wait for 5 years maximum

Crozes Hermitage Cap Nord: This one is from one specific plot. Much more complex and expressive, it will be better to drink it within a few years (4-6 years)

Crozes Hermitage Clos des Grives: the higher cuvée, this one was created to keep the bottle for many years. To have the best complex aromas from this wine you have to wait at least 8 years and you can also wait up to 15 years if you want!

Trust your Palate

The best way to know if the wine is ready to drink or not is… to taste it! Of course, as mentioned, the 6 steps to create your wine cellar, it is better if you have more than 1 bottle of each reference. First it is in case you have a problem with the wine, but it is also to know if the wine is ready to drink or not ! If you think you have all of the complex aromas, you may be surprised by aromas and taste, trust your palate, this wine is ready to drink. But if you’re disappointed, you think the wine is closed, wait again to open the others bottles, it will be better after few months to a year. And then if you smell too much alcohol or if you don’t recognize some specific characteristic you’re supposed to have on this wine, maybe it’s too late… But if you follow the first 3 steps and if you have tasted the wine before, it won’t happen

So before you buy a wine, be sure what you want to do with it. Then learn about the potential nuances of the wine you’re interested in and ask people who can help you (sommelier, manager of your wineshop, winemaker website).